Amazingly delicious, clean Asian condiments
lovingly made in careful batches.
stir-fry's flavor base

Oyster Flavored Sauce

Discover the rich, authentic flavor of Wok Mei Oyster Sauce, the foundation for Chinese cuisine, with a clean ingredient deck and low in sodium.
asian bbq sauce

Hoisin Sauce

Experience our amazing Wok Mei Hoisin Sauce, a rich, clean, authentic Chinese BBQ flavor perfect for dipping or grilling with your favorite dishes..
sweet goodness

Plum Sauce

Indulge in the authentic Chinese flavor of Wok Mei Plum Sauce, crafted with finest ingredients for perfect balance and versatile use in Asian cuisine.

Available nation-wide!

Wok Mei - a name which means 'Balanced Wok', when all five senses attain perfection in the kitchen -
flavor, color, temperature, texture, and odor.  "Ho Wok Mei" is the highest compliment you can give a chef. 
And Wok-Mei does it all with a clean ingredient deck, with less sodium, and with more flavor.

Can you say "Wok Mei"?
(pronounced: 'walk may'!)